Covet Fashion How To Earn Money | Hints, Cheats & Hacks

covet fashion how to make money

Welcome! Today I’ll be sharing some methods for making and saving money with the app Covet Fashion!

I’ve been playing Covet since November 2016, and I’ve learned a lot along the way. I write game guides and share hints to help other players to have a good game experience.

Covet Fashion- How To Earn Money Method 1: Gift Swap

When you first start playing, you’ll receive a message in your inbox instructing you to link your Covet account to Facebook. As a reward, you’ll receive 1,000 Covet Cash to send to three friends.

To link your game to Facebook, select the icon that looks like a person at the bottom of your screen. Then click on the settings gear towards the top right.

covet fashion how to make money

Click on the Facebook button and follow the prompts. After linking, you will receive another message in your inbox letting you know that you can now send three friends 1,000 Covet Cash.

Here’s how you make the most of this offer. Whether you link a Facebook account just for Covet, or use your personal one, make sure you have at least 15 friends, or Covet won’t think your account is real. (You’ll get an Account Not Verified message.)

Then, go to the Covet Fashion Facebook page and start adding people. You’ll be able to tell who plays Covet because they’ll usually have a Covet profile photo, a Covet related name, or something in their description. Add some people from the page, then go to the “people you may know” section. Facebook will continue giving you more Covet related friend requests.

Once you have a good amount of Covet friends, post a status update and let people know you have the gifts to give. Include the fact that you want to swap gifts with someone else who has them.

Once you find three friends who also have the gifts and agree to do this with you, give each other your Covet usernames. Go to the Covet app and click on the message letting you know you have the gifts to send. Enter each of your friend’s Covet usernames and hit send. (If for some reason the Covet app can’t find them by username, try their Facebook name instead.)

Covet Fashion- How To Earn Money Method 2: Gift Cheat

Okay, it’s not really a cheat, but you can have your non-Covet player friends with Facebook accounts sign up and just send you one of their gifts.

They don’t get anything out of it, but if your spouse or best friend wants to do you a favor, why not ask?

You may wonder, why can’t you just make a bunch of fake accounts and send yourself money? Here’s why:

Both Facebook and Covet can tell when you’re faking. Facebook doesn’t let you make more than a couple accounts using the same device before it asks for identity verification or simply deletes your fake account. Even if you use different email addresses, private browsing, hide your IP, add friends, and successfully get the accounts made, here’s why the Covet app won’t let you cheat the system:

Covet has already registered your game to your device. It won’t let you send and receive gifts between the same devices. For example, I made a baby Covet account, so I have two Covet accounts, with two separate Facebook accounts. However, I could not get gifts to send with my baby account. Covet knew that another account was already registered to my device.

Unless you have 10 different iPhones, or feel like factory resetting your phone all the time to make Covet think it’s a new device, you won’t get too far with cheats like this.

Covet Fashion- How To Earn Money Method 3: Save It

When entering challenges, try not to spend any more than you’ll receive for entering.

Click on the challenge in your Limited Time list. Read the challenge description, then look at the Rewards On Entry section right below the requirements. The most common rewards are 100 and 200 Covet Cash.

covet fashion how to make money

If you’ve just started playing, use the money you’re given to start with to buy one piece for a challenge that requires only two, and borrow the other.

Feel free to invest in a cheap pair of neutral colored sandals. You have to wear shoes, and neutral sandals are very versatile.

If you’re an experienced player and trying to build your savings back up, go OOS for requirements instead of buying in season ones. Borrow a requirement for every challenge. Don’t bother maxing unworn unless you’re using the trending garments, everything is in season, and the 5 star prize is really worth it.

The easiest way to save money, though, is to do the daily every. single. day. It’s basically a free 500 dollars, and there are no requirements. If the daily calls for a wedding look, and you only have pink dresses, borrow a white one and enter with whatever else you can throw on. Or wear the pink one! You’ll score low, but who cares? It’s a free 500 dollars- EVERY DAY.

In 7 days you can earn 3500 dollars! You can either spend your daily money on other challenge requirements, or just save it. If you’re eyeing some new Covet Collection pieces, or just hate seeing zero all the time, take a few days to a week to go on a no-buy and watch the 500s pile up.

I hope these tips helped you. Please comment and let me know if you enjoyed this post, or if you have any questions. Soon I’m going to be doing a similar post, but for diamonds!


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