Godtower Levels 16-20 | Godtower Hints and Passwords

See Levels 11-15 Godtower Hints here. Ready to continue?

Godtower Level 16- Do you Know about color code??

We have these two hints:

FF  = .

00 = –

So FF equals a dot, and 00 equals a dash.

Looks like we have red, black, magenta, lime, cyan, black, blue, yellow, magenta, and yellow.

These are the major hexadecimal color codes. See this chart. 

Red- FF0000

Black- 000000

Magenta- FF00FF

Lime- 00FF00

Cyan- 00FFFF

Black- 000000

Blue- 0000FF

Yellow- FFFF00

Magenta- FF00FF

Yellow- FFFF00

Now let’s translate these into dots and dashes. Remember, FF is a dot, and 00 is a dash.

Red .  – –

Black – – –

Magenta . – .

Lime – . –

Cyan – . .

Black – – –

Blue – – .

Yellow . . –

Magenta . – .

Yellow . . –

Now translate the Morse Code into each letter.


The password is workdoguru.

This, and level 13 (asia tri usa, the keyboard one) are my favorite levels so far!

Godtower Level 17- Check Expire Year. And Look a symbol.

The hint shows you the expiration year. Look at the bottom of the milk bottle.

There are 12 of these symbols. The expiration date is, well, a date. What can you determine the symbols might be the shapes of?

A calendar! Of the year 2077, of course. Which month in the year 2077 looks most like the red shape? Google to figure this out.

The password is february.

Pay close attention to the next password screen- it’s backwards. You’ll have to enter yraurbef to continue.

Godtower Level 18- Follow An Arrow 🙂

The arrow is pointing to the right. Pay attention to the right side of the screen. Click and drag your mouse around to see if any invisible words can be highlighted to make them visible. There are hidden words! Now, do Ctrl+A to select all and make sure we see ALL hidden clues. Some hints become visible on the left too. Pay attention to the ones on the left side, and the one on the bottom right that says “keyboard symbol”.

Left side:




what’s in the sky

What’s the symbol name for *? It’s not “asterisk”, it’s even easier. When you look up at the sky in the dark, what do you see?

The password is star.

Godtower Level 19- Who Am I??

Backwards writing on the chalkboard says 7th, ISth, 4th. (Could IS mean 15th?)

I and S are letters, and it’s a chalkboard, seems like the game is telling us to use letters.

Find the 7th, 15th, and 4th letter of the alphabet.

7th: G

15th: O

4th: D

The password is god.

Godtower Level 20- The moon is the planet which is closest to the earth.

Mouse over the moon in the photo. This text will appear.

we must move from the world to the moon

we must explode the old world.

we must create a moon to the new world.

we must keep going to the end of planet.

On the first hint page, you will see a blue dot, labeled sankugar. Since this is blue, like the earth in the photo, we will assume this is the “world”. Knowing this game, let’s keep the first letters of these places in mind. The first letter of Sankugar is S.

First we must move the the world to the moon. When you mouse over the closest planet to the earth, as the page title suggests, it turns blue, giving us a hint that we’re on the right track. The name of the moon is North Polar, so far we have S and N.

Then we must explode the old world. Does this mean we don’t go back to the worlds we have previously been to? I assumed that anyway.

We must create a moon to the new world. If North Polar was a moon to a new world, it would probably be the next closest place, which is Opusto. (The moon is the planet which is closest to the earth, and we can’t revisit spots.) That leaves Opusto to be the next destination, now we have S, N, and O.

We must keep going to the end of planet. This tells us to use every beginning letter, and not leave any out. Let’s keep going. Follow the directions and just go to the closest spot from where you are now.

The closest spot from Opusto is West Felito. (Don’t count the F.)

The closest spot from West Felito is Ieagazuz. Keep going like this and write down your letters.

S, N, O, W, I, N, T, H, A, I

The password is snowinthai.

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