Godtower Levels 21-30 | Godtower Passwords

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Godtower Level 21- Touch

There’s a clickable part of the painting.

Use the clue “kiss me as long as you can” to determine where. The tab key can also help cycle between clickable areas on a page.

Once you find the pixel you can click on, you get another clue. “my voice is so long. and stay in mirror.”

The voice clue tells us we’re looking for sound, and it’s too long, so we’ll need to speed it up. The mirror clue tells us that something needs to be reversed.

Click on “Items”. You will download a zip file.

If you try to open it, it will ask for a password.

There is something weird about the hint photo. Do you see something in the glass circle?

Zoom in. You will see the password.

Reverse (mirror) the sound and speed it up. You can use Audacity for this.

The word she says is your answer.

The answer is yahoo.

Godtower Level 22- Password Is A God Too…

Dig under the godtower and don’t trust his rules.

Look up the rules. They state no caps, no spaces.

View the image closely. There is black text towards the bottom. It says “under construction D.C. 12”.

The title states the password is a god. We actually played a level where the password was god, Level 19.

Go to that level and inspect it. Look at the hint page.

We didn’t use this page when we did this level. It shows dollar bills.

What does a dollar bill have to do with God?

Think of a message on an American dollar bill that ignores the rules of the game- so all caps, and spaces, that has to do with God.

Type that message correctly, with caps and spaces, in the answer box.

The answer is IN GOD WE TRUST.

Godtower Level 23- Diamond Ring (See It By Your EyeS)

To be continued- still working on this.

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