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Welcome back! Here are Levels 11-20, in case you need them.

Neutral Riddle Hints Level 21- it’s been a year…

The source tells us it’s been a year since Level 14. Remember the title of Level 14?

If you don’t, it’s okay, I’ll tell you. It was “it’s my birthday!”

Remember what we had to do in level 14?

Convert the image just like you did in level 14.

Watch the image closely. The answer will flash on the screen.

Neutral Riddle Hints Level 22- following the center of attention

What’s the center of attention? Specifically, what’s the center of the word “attention?”

The letter N.

The clues refer to baseball, specifically the image name, homerun.jpg.

Start at the letter N in the center, and follow the typical path of a home run, noting the letter at each stop.

For example, the first letter is N, where the pitcher starts. They throw the ball to the batter at home, marked by an E. The batter runs to first, marked by an E. You will get a six letter word. Remember, since it’s a home run, count the letter at the home plate a second time, as your last.

Neutral Riddle Hints Level 23- 23

Part 1

Start with the blue numbers. We’ve seen these before.

I used this to decode. Focus on the first word.

What ASCII related numeral system does that word sound like? Hint: When you’re researching ASCII, you may have seen it mentioned as another programming language.

Once you figure it out, translate it. I used this site. 

Part 2

Translate each set. Use the same method as we just did.

Decode the seven numbers you get to form a word. You might have to use an anagram solver depending on which order you put them in.

Be very careful and double check your work. I was stuck for an hour because ONE of my letters was wrong, and formed a different word.

Neutral Riddle Hints Level 24- Ring Ring

Notpron players, do you keep noticing similar puzzles too? (I think Neutral is much easier than Notpron, though!)

Our clues are a telephone and the letters in the source. We know we are looking for a word or words, so how can we convert telephone numbers to words?

Look at your phone. (See the letters?)

You can get a pen and paper and figure it out yourself, or you could Google a converter to find the answer for you.

Hint: It’s one long word.

Neutral Riddle Hints Level 25-  we lost some pieces

Save the image to your computer or print it. Before assembling the puzzle, we need to find the remaining pieces.

Use the img src and find the index file (see source) to get A and D. Save or print both images.

Notice one of the image names is backwards, and one is scrambled. Scroll all the way down in the source for your next destination, where you find M and A. Save or print both images.

View the source on the M and A page, one of the image names is scrambled, one is regular. We are told that the other pieces are in other jpgs and to go find them.

What other related words can we use to find more pieces? Notice that one image is called elzzup. but we haven’t seen its correctly spelled alternative yet. Use that information to find the T.

I decided to start putting together the puzzle without finding the remaining two letters. (I knew I was missing two because that’s how many blank spaces there were in the grid.)

Open your image editor (I use the web-based Pixlr Editor) or print out the pieces you have, cut them up, and start assembling the puzzle.

After I put the puzzle together, it was clear that I was missing an E and an S, because everything else was in order. When you have letters spelling A N S _ E R you can deduce that the missing letter is W, for example. So although I got the answer anyway, I still can’t find the E and the S. Can someone tell me where they are?

Once you have your word, put it in the URL. If you format it incorrectly, you will get a message that says “wrong folder…”

Remember to change the number to reflect the level you want to go to.

Neutral Riddle Hints Level 26-  you mechanic, go fix the pic!

See the image name? The source asks what’s wrong with it. We know from experience that we should change the file extension to “fix” the pic.

The hint “Tea Extreme” is vague, but say it over and over in your head, and figure out what file extension it sounds most like.

Once you figure that out, (think Word), you’re asked to get the pic, and rename it.

How do you download an image that’s corrupt?

Use Firefox. Right click, view image, save image info, save. It doesn’t work in IE, and I couldn’t find a way to make it easy in Chrome.

(Make sure your computer’s settings allow you to change file types by renaming, because you won’t be able to open the file to change it. In Windows 10, the setting is in Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > File Explorer Options > View tab > Hide extensions for known file types. UNCHECK this option. Now you can change file types by renaming.)

The trick here that took me half a day to figure out- you don’t rename the downloaded file to a .txt file. You rename it to something else. Something that you can open as a webpage. What extensions have we been using to navigate the pages of this riddle?

Once you figure out the correct extension, rename the file and open it to get a graphic with the answer.

Neutral Riddle Hints Level 27-  name me again!

Do the abbreviations in the source remind you of something?

A chart, or table?

You might have seen this in chemistry class.

Once you figure out what table to use, print it out or save it to your phone or computer.

Mark each abbreviation and draw a line to connect the dots. You will form a five letter word.

Neutral Riddle Hints Level 28-  a graph?

Fix the spelling of the image name. Note the language in the dictionary photo.

Go back to the graph. Find the coordinates.

Translate the numbers in the coordinates to letters.

For example, the first set is 3, 1. (I spent weeks thinking it was 4, and got so stuck!) So the letters would be C, A.

But wait! Make sure you use the alphabet of the language shown in the dictionary photo, not the English one.

You should get six letters. Anagram them- using an anagram generator in the language from the photo. I used this one. 

You’ll know when you have the right one, because when you type it into the URL bar, you’ll pass the level.

Neutral Riddle Hints Level 29-  …29…

Use the date on the image and Google to name the storm.

Neutral Riddle Hints Level 30-  no maths…

Combine the letters in the source.





  1. I found one other pic in level 25 🙂 Notice how ezulzp is scrambled from elzzup. Use this pattern to scramble the correctly spelled word. I then found a S, but another S is still missing (I guess it’s a S). Hope this helps.

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