Neutral Riddle Hints Levels 31-40 | Walkthrough

neutral riddle

Neutral Riddle Level 31- yes maths now

View the source.

Take each function and graph it. (Don’t worry, the Internet can do this for you! Use Mathway or a similar website.)

Each graph will resemble a letter. You will get a word with 5 letters, in order.

Neutral Riddle Level 32- Rh7 …

Figure out what Rh7 means.

View the source. Avoid checkmate.

This is hard if you don’t know chess well, so I’ll give you some hints. First, research what checkmate is if you don’t know.

If you move your rook, (type in rg1.htm) for example, you’ll get an egg explaining that it’s not the right answer and why.

“yes, now white has to move Kc2, but that wouldn’t help
go back, and find a better move”

We can deduce from this that we have the right format but wrong move. We can also assume that we have to move a black piece, because the egg tells us white is next.

The move re3 will get you another egg.

It’s okay to guess different moves and see what works, but to save time, research what pieces can move where, so your guesses are educated.

Another egg I got, keep this in mind.

K doesn’t stand for knight 0_o
K is for king

Remember that, how this piece can move, and make some educated guesses, and it won’t take too long to get it!

Neutral Riddle Level 33- looks like a whirlpool, doesn’t it?

What’s in the swirl? Looks like it could be white text.

What do we need to do? Unswirl the photo.

I found a program online that could do this. 

Play around with the settings until you find two sets of letters.

Decode the set of six letters. How to decode? We’ve done this before.

Just reverse the letters. Z=A

Neutral Riddle Level 34- do you need a title to get through?

What’s the image name? Use that to figure out what data you need.




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