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neutral riddle

I just discovered Neutral Riddle, so I’m going to play it and write my hints for it as I go!

Go here and click on Start the Riddle. 

Neutral Riddle Level 1- URL?

Change the URL from the name of this level to the name of the next level. (You can also click here for hints for levels 1-7.)

Neutral Riddle Level 2- 11 5 25 2 15 1 18 4

The source says “Decode this, if you haven’t seen it.”

What’s the 11th letter of the alphabet? Proceed until you have a word.

Neutral Riddle Level 3- omg it’s a calculator!!

If you multiply the numbers in the image name, and try that as the URL, it will say “yes, that’s correct, but that is NOT the answer”

There is a significance to the number 1.61803399. Just Google it! It’s a mathematical term.

Neutral Riddle Level 4- lonely tree

The lonely tree photo has some dots and dashes on it. We know what that means!

Use a Morse Code translator. Double check to make sure your spacing is correct- I had to try a few different ways.

Neutral Riddle Level 5a- …the source code…

Just do what the source code tells you to do.

Neutral Riddle Level 5b- wtf!!

Name the animals. Use the first letter of each one to make a word.

Neutral Riddle Level 6- Sept. 22nd, 1976

Google the date, and the translation for the image name.

The image name is “brazil football”, so translate that- it’s the sport pictured.

Use that and the date to find your answer. It’s a person’s name.

Neutral Riddle Level 7- Look in the darkness…

Not the darkness of the photo- the whole page.

Maximize your screen. Scroll down. Ctrl+A.

Neutral Riddle Level 8- go find all 8

You will need to use Ctrl + to zoom. You’re looking for 8 small letters.

I could only find 6 of them on my computer screen, so I opened it on my phone and turned my brightness all the way up.

Use an anagram generator to unscramble.

Neutral Riddle Level 9- i’ve just finished first round

Look at the image name. Something isn’t right about it.

It’s called hole8.jpg. What’s the last hole in the first round of golf called? What’s this level called?

Change the image name.

You will see a map. The arrow points to something.

The arrow points to a golf club. You can also see a larger version of this map at hole18.jpg, but you don’t need to do that in order to get the answer.

If you try club.jpg, it asks what club? Research types of golf clubs.

If you find the right club type, but not the number, it asks you “what (name)?”

If you find the right club type AND number, it asks you “yes, but it’s got a name”

Google this to get the answer. Someone who plays golf might know this answer right away, but someone who doesn’t can use the hints, Google, and trial and error to get it.

Neutral Riddle Level 10- name me!!!

This is another one where typing anything I thought of into the URL bar gave me hints and eventually got me there.

If you try tube.htm, you get a message saying “no :)”

(I tried cup.htm as well, that didn’t work)

If you try glass.htm, you get a message saying “yes, it’s glass, but exactly what?”

Finally, I figured out what it is- it’s something beer might come in. A glass ____

After typing that in, you get a message telling you where to go.

(There are a couple funny messages that come up if you format the words in the URL incorrectly. But they help you get it right.)

That was fun! Here is the link to Levels 11-20. If you need specific help on any level, or having URL trouble, just comment and let me know, or tweet me at @rose_escapes!

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