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Check out my hint-through for Neutral Riddle Levels 1-10 here. 

Welcome back! Here’s the URL for Level 11, if you took a break and picked back up another day. Writing down or bookmarking your URLs is always a good idea!

Neutral Riddle Level 11- …11…

The hint in the source suggests we change the image name.

Changing the name gives us the next clue. Note the blue letter.

Keep going through the images in order. Note each blue letter as you find them.

You are instructed to guess the last few letters of the clue, which is easy. Make sure you format the URL correctly. /time/word.htm

Neutral Riddle Level 12- how ’bout some geography?

Identify the continent in the map. If you don’t know, the image name should help you.

Determine the country names noted by the Xs.

Use the first letter of each one and unscramble to form your answer.

A hint- the answer is four letters. (The X on the top right isn’t clear on what it’s pointing to, but it’s the one word, not the two word country.)

Neutral Riddle Level 13- Ever heard of ASCII?

Use the first source hint to select the correct frame URL.

Once you have it, (you’ll see a Google search bar) check the source of that page to find some numbers.

Use an ASCII translator to get your answer. I used this one. Make sure you select “convert to text” in the dropdown below the text box.

Neutral Riddle Level 14- it’s my birthday!

Use the hint in the source to determine what file type to convert the image to.

You’ll get a message. Add the number in the message to the level number.

Change the filename accordingly. You’ll get this message: “you know what? I didn’t like your gift at all. can u take it back home please?”

Change the file extension back to what it was before. You’ll get this message: “you rock… you’ve done all this on your own?
there’s one last step: are we in level 31? i don’t think so…”

Important! Look at the source of this page for the first part of your answer.

Once you change the URL again to reflect the correct level number, you’ll get this message: “nice job… but the answer isn’t here… i’m afraid u missed something earlier”

Change the URL to the word you found in the source on the “you rock” page. You’ll get this message:

“yes, correct, but that’s just half the answer
go find the other half”

Look at the source of this page for the second part of your answer.

Put the two words together to form your answer!

Neutral Riddle Level 15- Hill Fort

You’ll need to change the file extension of the image. In the source, if you look carefully, you will see what the new extension should be, right under the image name.

When you get the right one, you will download a file and open up a riddle.

The answer to the riddle is funny and easy to come up with, but if you are having trouble, here’s a hint.

The answer is displayed twice in the riddle question itself.

Now the question about being “right under your eyes” in the source makes sense!

Neutral Riddle Level 16- Look in the daylight now…

You may find a clue that says “no, i wasn’t talking about this daylight, i was talking about the one in the pic.” At least now we know that all the white space means nothing.

Remember when we had to find the letters in the darkness? This answer is easier to find, but harder to see. I used my phone screen for this, zoomed all the way into the lightest part of the photo, and the answer is in a very light blue color.

Neutral Riddle Level 17- BY the way…

The source tells us forget numbers or mathematical expressions until Part 2.

Part 1 is simple. Type in the name of the program shown .htm- you’ll be told to get a file.

What’s the extension of this file type? Google if you don’t know. Download the file by using the correct extension in the URL.

Open it up. Now we have Part 2.

Here are our clues:

  • BY in capital letters in the page title
  • 12573 in the source
  • 31123 in the source
  • 58399 in the source
  • H squared in the source (HH)
  • Cursiva (Italics in Spanish, noted by a K) in the main photo
  • Hoja (Page in Spanish) 1, 2, and 3 in the file
  • GH are the only letters in the file that are italic (the word right)
  • Pages 2 and 3 have an infinite number of cells, but Page 1 has a last cell in row 65536- it says “nothing here.” Use Page 1 to solve this puzzle.

Notice the names of each row. They go from A to IV. We need to use three specific double letter rows. Use the clues we have so far to figure out what those rows might be called.

We also need to use three columns. Use the clues we have so far to figure out what those columns might be called.

Jump to row 12573, column BY by typing “BY12573” in the box right above the row names on the upper left.

You’ll see the letter O in the cell.

Jump to row 12573, column GH by typing “GH12573” in the box.

You’ll see the letter P in the cell.

Jump to row 12573, column HH by typing “HH12573” in the box.

You’ll see the letter E in the cell.

Do the same with the next two row numbers, and write down each letter.

BY31123– gives you an E

GH31123– gives you a G

HH31123– gives you an R

Now jump to row 58399.

BY58399 gives you an A

GH58399 gives you an N

HH58399 gives you an S

Now we have 9 letters. OPEEGRANS

Use an anagram solver to find the final answer.

Neutral Riddle Level 18- wulbai

The image of a laptop is reversed, and the photo name is mirror.jpg. The source says “just english ones”, referring to letters.

Look at your keyboard. Determine the “mirror image” of the letters in the title clue.

For example, the mirror image of W would be O, because both are one away from each end of the keyboard.

Neutral Riddle Level 19- …19…

Our source clue is RGB, referring to color code.

Just as we did in level 11, (notice the similar title) change the image name accordingly.

Use a color analyzer like this to determine the code. Remember to use RGB.

This series of three numbers looks like a code to break that we’ve seen before!

Remember ASCII?

I used this to come up with the answer.

Neutral Riddle Level 20- need a hint or a tip?

Where would you go if you need a hint for this puzzle?

You’ll need all eight hints for this answer- and you don’t need the source, but there’s an easter egg in the source if you end up there anyway.

Use first letters, as we have done before, to come up with the answer.

Next up- Neutral Riddle Levels 21-30!

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