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oddpawn chapter one

OddPawn Chapter One

Welcome to this post. Why am I starting yet another new game? I don’t know. Let’s just do this. Here we go, OddPawn. 

I’m excited, because I’ve heard this riddle is funny, it shows your statistics compared to other players, it saves your progress automatically, and it makes fun of NotPron, which will be a delight.

Click Start. Register. Click on Chapter One.

OddPawn Level 1- Turn me on!

So we have an answer box instead of a URL bar.

Type the answer in the box, and then click the green button to advance.

This is similar to what Godtower does, and it’s necessary for the game to save your progress without you having to write entire URLs down.

OddPawn Level 2- American pi 🙂

In this level, you are told that Google is needed for some levels, and how to determine if it is or not. (Look for the Google search bar below the photo.)

Just Google the answer and enter it. I got an egg that said “Just the decimals.”

The lovely answer box shows your previous attempts, so in the future you can cry about how many times you’ve failed.

OddPawn Level 3- RIGHT CLICK!

This level shows you how to use the source code to find clues or answers.

I’m using Chrome, so I just click Ctrl+U. (Right click > View Source doesn’t work for Chrome users.)

Scroll all the way down. The answer is in green text.

OddPawn Level 4- Anything here?

You have to be BRIGHT to get past this one, says the clue.

My preferred image editor is Pixlr, for those who don’t have Photoshop.

Raise the setting that the clue tells you to use, and you will start to see faint letters in the lower left corner. There’s your answer.

OddPawn Level 5- Listen up

Now we practice using audio clues. I like that this game prepares you for the different types of clues needed. NotPron just throws you into it.

The sound on this level did not work for me at all, but I found it on YouTube. 

Figure out what it’s from- I typed some of the words into Google and got the answer.

OddPawn Level 6- Very confusing…

Read backwards starting at the end and ignore spaces.

Hint: You don’t need an anagram generator, any tools, translator or programs for this.

I got an egg that said “Without the s.”

OddPawn Level 6- The show must go on

We have a quote and a series of five letters which we must convert into numbers somehow.

Hint: What’s the 4th letter in the quote?

Do this with all five numbers. I used this character counter and typed the quote out myself with no spaces or punctuation, because it was too hard to count that cursive font on the level screen.

The word you get is your answer.

OddPawn Level 7- Shuffle

Just use an anagram generator to decode the answer from the six letters shown.

OddPawn Level 8- Checkpoint

Follow the directions. This is not a puzzle level.

OddPawn Level 9- Have a drink!

I got an easter egg with a mojito recipe. “That is what he liked, but it’s not the answer.”

We’re looking for a person. Use Wikipedia.

Hint: Read about the framed inscription about “my mojito in La Bodeguita”.

I used the last name only.

OddPawn Level 10- Can you make sense of this?

Source hint: The main color of this picture could be in the title

Title hint: Maragna (What’s this an anagram for? Duh.)

Description hint: Hang Ron Meyer

View the image name to figure out who the painter is.

Google will tell you there are many different names for this painting. Use Hang Ron Meyer and the source clue to find the correct one.

A note about anagram generators: Not all anagram generators work the same way. If you’re sure that something is an anagram, but you’re not getting anything useful from the solver you’re using, try different ones.

OddPawn Level 11- Remember the letter G

Source hint: Caesar knew how to break this code – do you?

If you don’t know what this is referring to, use Google.

Use a decryption tool for this type of code. The one I used guessed the key, and I didn’t even have to use the G clue.

OddPawn Level 12- stairs as key

View the source and find the hidden word in the design. That word is your answer.

OddPawn Level 13 (14) XIII- Something is very wrong!

There are a few eggs in this level confirming that there is no level 13, and that the theme is Back To The Future.

I also got an egg that asked me if I was cheating while I was playing around with the image names. (The name is viiii.jpg, I changed it to xiiii.jpg, then to ix.jpg, got a clue that anagrammed to a word, typed that word in, and it asked me if I was cheating. I’m definitely not cheating? I guess we go to this level again later?)

Something is weird about the level number, XIIII. It means 14, but that’s not how we write it anymore.

What’s the new way to write it? Use Google if you’re not sure. Type that into the answer box.

OddPawn Level 15 XV- Admiral von Schneider?

Start typing everything you see into the answer box. When you type the correct word, you will get an egg that clues you to what language you need to translate it to.

When you type in the translated word, you get another egg. Click on the underlined text to listen to the audio. (It works this time!)

“Hand me the (blank.)” I was able to hear the word correctly from the quote, but if you can’t, just use Google and you’ll be able to find it written, as well as the movie it’s from.

OddPawn Level 16 XVI- Cut n’ move

Just name the actor. You don’t have to complete the puzzle to figure out who it is.

Hint: Focus on his eyes, this actor has big, unique eyes, and a large forehead.

Hint 2: He played Crazy Eyes in Mr. Deeds.

OddPawn Level 17 XVII- missing link

We have to find the missing link between:

Da Vinci Code

This singer (Hint: You’re the first, the last, my everything)

Meet Joe Black

The movie that starred the six actors on the list (Google and IMDB can help with this)

Who wrote the DaVinci Code? (Last name)

Who is the singer pictured? (Last name)

What’s Joe’s last name?

Tim Roth is selected on the list. What character did he play? (Last name)

If you type the theme you notice into the answer box, you’ll get an egg that says “you’re on to something”

Start typing the names in the answer box, in order.

  1. DaVinci clue (You will get two letters each time)
  2. Singer clue
  3. Joe clue
  4. Tim Roth clue

Put the sets of letters together, and that’s your answer, in order.

OddPawn Level 18 XVIII- 122 20 56 W

We know that the title bar refers to coordinates, specifically in the degrees, minutes and seconds form. We also have 47‎°37’13” N.

Use Google or a coordinates website to find the location. When you type the location into the answer box, before you click the green button to continue, you’ll get another set of coordinates.

I looked those up for fun, we might need that info later!

OddPawn Level 19 XIX- Narrow your mind

Copy the letters in the source and paste them into your text editor. I prefer Notepad or WordPad, since Microsoft Word inserts a table automatically, which we don’t want.

Use the clue “Wordwrap”.

Format >Wordwrap does nothing. We’ll have to wrap it ourselves.

Start “wrapping” with the top and bottom sections being just xxxx. You should have four rows.

Look at one of your four rows, top to bottom- you will see a word. That’s your answer.

OddPawn Level 20 XX- Size matters

Tip: When you come back to the game after a break, it doesn’t automatically load your level. The My Levels link in the Control Panel doesn’t work. This is what I’ve been doing:

Go to the URL bar and change level 1 to your level. 

Click on “Please go to a level you have access to”

Click your chapter and your level. Usually the game lets me go as far as a couple levels behind the one I’m trying to get to, so I just click “continue” until I get there. (The passwords are saved.)

The source says “Convert”, and the title is “Size matters”.

Write down the numbers, smallest to largest.


“You should be a master of levels like this by now!” We need to do something we’ve done before. Use the “Convert” clue. What method have we done before to convert numbers?

Convert them to letters.

Converting them as single digits doesn’t give us anything. There are 26 letters in the alphabet, and they don’t all correspond to single digits- what should we do?

Convert them to double digits.

The first one is 19, and of course, we don’t have a letter 91, so leave the 9 as a single digit. Continue from there, moving on to 13, etc.

You should have six numbers to convert into letters. The word you get is your answer.

See you soon for levels 20+!

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