OddPawn Chapter One | Hints Levels 34-50

oddpawn chapter one

Welcome back to OddPawn Chapter One. Here’s the last post.

OddPawn Chapter One Level 34 XXXIV- Phonetic

Do what the source tells you and translate.

Hint: As the text tells you, you’ll need the first three letters of a word and the last three letters of a word.

Hint 2: The first word was easy, the second word, I had trouble with the ending. Keep trying and just think of things that sound a little bit like it.

OddPawn Chapter One Level 35 XXXV- sleep sleep sleep

Start considering the British English and American English words.

Write down their translations. Start with the bottom two.

Lorry= truck

Flat= apartment

What’s left to translate from the bottom two squares?

Find the British English equivalent of that word. Now the sleep hint makes sense!

OddPawn Chapter One Level 36 XXXVI- Cylinder

Find out what nr. 947806 is.

Then just type it in the answer box.

Hint: I used this page.

OddPawn Chapter One Level 37 XXXVII- …only you…

First, consider the clue. One of the most common letters is O.

Count up each instance of each symbol. The arch occurs eight times, the AE occurs 7 times, and the very first symbol occurs 7 times.

Substitute the arches for Os and start decoding two letter words.

Look at the sixth word, where there are only two letters, a symbol and an arch. If the arch is an O, that would mean the symbol is probably a T, because that seems like the most common two letter word that ends in O.

Replace the first symbol and all the like ones with Ts, and see what our sentence looks like now.

I used a pen and paper to help, and gave each word a different line.

Let’s decode the very first word. Now that we know the first symbol is probably a T, what’s a very common three letter word that begins with T. Many sentences start with it.

From here, you have enough clues to keep going on your own, but if you need more help, just ask me.

The last word is your answer. I didn’t figure out what logos had to do with it.

More hints: You don’t need the phonetic alphabet, the Greek alphabet, the Caesar cipher, or to even Google. All you need to know is which symbol equals O, and knowledge of common English words.

OddPawn Chapter One Level 38 XXXVIII- Amiga Forever

I had no idea what the name of the first game was- use descriptive Googling.

The second one is easier to Google. Searching images helps.

Name the third game. Use the name of the system when Googling to make it easy.

Name the fourth game.

Name the fifth game. Use the word on the upper right to help you Google. That’s the final answer!

OddPawn Chapter One Level 39 XXXIX- Fading like a flower

Take each letter with a fingerprint: A, E, R, T, S, D, H, L, N.

E is a very common letter, it’s used a lot. Look at the keyboard fingerprints to determine another letter that is common.

Use an anagram solver (this one is my favorite, they are not all equal, especially with proper nouns) to determine the password.

Hint: Two letters need to be used twice.

OddPawn Chapter One Level 40 XL- What a trip

Something is weird about some of these names. Where may you have heard these before?

Hint: Research phonetic alphabets.

Take only the letters that correspond to words in the correct alphabet, and anagram them for the answer.

OddPawn Chapter One Level 41 XLI- Dead man walking

The source asks us if this is the guy from Memento.

His name is Guy Pearce.

The fourth photo, Peter Griffin, is from the show Family Guy.

Use the clue “dead man walking”. One of these photos looks like a mugshot.

Research death row inmates. How can we find out his name?

Use Google, and the word in the clues we discovered.

OddPawn Chapter One Level 42 XLII- Read this book: Foucault’s Pendulum

Translate the source clue.

If you answer the question asked, you will get an egg that says you are looking for three numbers.

I don’t see three numbers in the photo. Why? Remember the source clue translation. The numbers are in those three colors. We need to look extra hard for them.

Open your image editor.

Zoom in and look in one of the black holes for a number.

Zoom out. Another number shows up on a rock towards the upper right, in the brown area.

Stay zoomed out. Another number shows up on the bottom left, in the gray area.

Remember that image with numbers that equal letters that we were told to save? The one with the butt?

Use that to translate. My numbers weren’t in the right order, but you can use common sense or anagram them.

OddPawn Chapter One Level 43 XLIII- It sure does

The hint mentions hidden numbers, and tells us a magnifying glass won’t help us.

If we can’t zoom in and look for tiny numbers, how else can we find them?

Think about written numbers, like one. Review the text carefully.

Huge hints, highlight to the right: on every | at work | if I’ve | heel. Even

Once you have four numbers, do what we do often.

Change them into letters to spell a word. You’ll probably need to anagram it, mine wasn’t in order.

OddPawn Chapter One Level 44 XLIV- Gary Oldman

Consider the level heading. Count Dracula x 177

It’s telling us what to do. We need to count the Draculas, then multiply the number of Draculas by 177 for the answer.

There are many actor names in this level. Just count up how many played Dracula, I found this helpful list. 

The hard part is finding all the names. There are 13 in total including the photo of Bela Lugosi. Remember to be creative if you can’t find them all. Remember that level where we had to highlight?

Luckily, if you miss one or two and do the equation, you get eggs telling you “nope”. They hint that you’re on the right track, but just have the wrong number.

OddPawn Chapter One Level 45 XLV- So long

Find the special number using the Hitchhiker’s clues.

Look AFTER it. What comes next? (Not the logical answer.)

You should see five single digit numbers that are directly after the special number.

Translate those into letters.

OddPawn Chapter One Level 46 XLVI- (Ghost)

Listen to the music. (I had to use Explorer for this level, since the music does not work on Chrome.)

At the end of the song, you will hear the answer.

OddPawn Chapter One Level 47 XLVII- arrrrgh

Start guessing anything you can think of. Focus on the black screen. Can you see anything? No. Why?

It’s not light- it’s something else.

Egg: Fear of this.

Type in the official name for this fear. There seem to be two according to Wikipedia. One doesn’t work, one leads us to a photo.

What’s the fear of the place shown in the photo called? Type it in.

Now we have another photo. This fear is spelled two ways. One way doesn’t work, the other way brings us to the next photo.

For this photo, it’s hard to figure out the right word. Just keep typing words in, keep trying, and use this list.

Next photo- there are a few names for this. I used each one on the list and finally found one that worked.

Next photo- another one with a few different names.

The last one should be easy. It’s about the number in the middle.

OddPawn Chapter One Level 13 XIII- Tizenharom

Find four words. Translate them.

Use this knowledge to look up other translations of this word. Type as many as you can find in the answer box. Not all will work, there are four that do.

You should find four eggs.

Follow the directions on the video very carefully. You’ll have to play around with the order, but use logic to determine which goes in the last spot.

It’s very important to read the sentence very, very carefully with the words in place.

Choose your letters.

Start typing words that are anagrammed from these letters into the answer box. ‘

You will get three more eggs.

Why are these words separated?

Separate your four letter word.

When you do it correctly, you will get an egg with the answer.

OddPawn Chapter One Level XLVII 48- Shhh

Just do what it tells you. Some of the words are hard to hear (I thought “debt” was “dead” at first, for example) just keep trying.

OddPawn Chapter One Level XLIX 49- The end?

Do what the source tells you.

Remember the space in the answer.

OddPawn Chapter One Level L 50- It’s amazing

Answer the questions.

Hint: You have to get all the questions right. 

(Don’t let the fact that the word “right” is on the left side mislead you. I just went with the same choice each time.)

OddPawn End of chapter

We did it! See me at number 1222 on the Hall of Fame!

This was an amazing riddle. Great for the “average” people out there like me who don’t like getting stuck for months on one level. It feels great to complete something!

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