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oddpawn chapter one

OddPawn Return of the Pawn Introduction

Welcome to the next installment of my OddPawn hint posts! As you may already know, I don’t post answers out of respect to the creators, but my hints are really good. If you need more help than my posts provide, just ask in the comments or tweet me at @rose_escapes.

YES, people are still doing this riddle! Find me on the Chapter One Hall of Fame! (roseemily) There are plenty of recent finishers.

Here we go!

OddPawn Return of the Pawn- Level Aragorn

Translate the first section. Type in the clue.

Download the file.

Open it in Word or a Word viewer. (Notepad didn’t work, and I don’t have Word, but I found an online .doc viewer.)

Now we can see the other two sections properly!


You should have three words.

If you type the words in the way they are, the egg will tell you what to do to get the answer.

OddPawn Return of the Pawn- Level Arwen

The text on the photo tells you what to do, but you have to figure out how to translate it.

Hint: Try one word at a time in Google Translate. Set it to “detect language.”

Just answer striped fish to proceed, it says. Writing “striped fish” doesn’t work. What kind of fish is striped?

Avoid doing too much research on types of fish, there are so many black and white striped ones.  Just think of a different black and white striped animal and type it in. (Don’t forget to add fish- two separate words!)

There are lots of Babel hints in this level, but it has nothing to do with that.

OddPawn Return of the Pawn- Level Bilbo

Use a tool online to decode the numbers in the photo.

Egg: Message in what? Btw. the code is in the name of the picture.

The name of the picture is octal.jpg.

Octal- relating to or using a system of numerical notation that has 8 rather than 10 as a base.

Find an octal to text translator for the source numbers.
Typing the word in gives you an egg that says “not enough.”
Remember the first word we got from the phone photo?
Typing the phrase with both words gives you an egg that says “And that hint leads to ??”
Typing the band (911 makes sense now!) gives you an egg that says “No no no, the other name.”
Typing the name of the lead singer of the band gives you an egg that says “Is that his real name?”
You need the full name, which is four words.

OddPawn Return of the Pawn- Level Boromir

Source clue: Maybe something is hidden. Can you find it?

Open up your image editor. The best way I found to see the hidden word is to play with the threshold settings.

Once you have the word, type it in and get an egg.

Combine the word with what you see in the picture.

Egg: Yes, that’s what you see in the picture!

Now we have an idea of what to do. Look at the description. Hit the picture until IT fits. IT, being the letters “IT”.

Type the title. Follow the instructions. Stop when a word is formed.

OddPawn Return of the Pawn- Level Denethor

Write down what each logo is. You can type what you think the logos are in the answer box, and it’ll tell you if you’re right or not. For example, typing KFC asks for the full name.

To Be Continued


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