OddPawn Chapter One | Browser Riddle Game Hints 20-33

oddpawn chapter one

Here’s the first post in the series, OddPawn Levels 1-20. 

Oddpawn Level 21 xxi- Not any more

As you can see, the images change. There is something in every image that you need to look for.

Once you figure out what you’re looking for, find one in every image. Put them together, and you will get a word.

The word is already in order, you don’t need to unscramble anything.

Oddpawn Checkpoint

Save the picture. Type the phrase into the answer box.

Oddpawn Level 22 XXII- UaSA

First, convert the binary in the source.

If you type the words you get into the answer box, you’ll get an egg that says “I know somebody who once lived there.” Now convert that second binary.

Look in the source of that egg page, and translate the third binary.

Googling that result will give you a hint as to who we are looking for, and where they lived.

Now that we have an idea of the people we are looking for, we can use the calendar clue. Use the dates that are crossed off to find a landmark.

Hint: Who is the 1st? Who is the 3rd? Etc. Where are they all together?

Once you find that landmark, type it into the answer box. I used the full word, not the abbreviation, I’m not sure if either work or not.

Oddpawn Level 23 XXIII- Enjoy The Silence

There is a wav file you can access by typing the “answer” from the source into the box, it’s sped up and I’m guessing you just have to slow it down for the password, but I didn’t do it this way so I’m not sure. Below is how I did it:

Listen to the level music. Look at the title bar.

Type in the band name. The egg will ask you what the song is called. Figure that out with Google if you don’t know.

Once you type in the song name, you’ll get an egg which will just give you the answer outright.

Oddpawn Level 24 XXIV- Do the math

Think outside the frame. (We need to find something outside the borders of the photo.)

Do you Ctrl+Anything? (Knowing Notpron, I knew what to do right away. Hint: Select All)

Find the numbers.

Do the math, as the title bar suggests. How? What is the photo a close up of?

An abacus. Add the numbers up. I tried both horizontally and vertically. Vertically seemed to make the most sense, because the horizontal results were too high to translate into letters.

Why do I know we have to translate the numbers into letters? Because it’s what we always do.

So I came up with the correct letters for all but the third row, where the result was 27. I was able to deduce the correct word anyway, but I guess they want us to circle back around to A for that? I ended up separating the 2 and the 7, realizing the result did not make any sense at all, and used logic to figure out that it should be an A.

Oddpawn Level 25 XXV- Bla bla bla…..

Figure out what the six sentences are.

Figure out who wrote them.

Remember to “write down what you get”, because it makes it much easier to see a pattern.

The clue in the source reminds us not to forget to write Spencer’s title. (Instead of his first name, because that will mess up the “pattern”.)

Look at the list of people you wrote down and figure out a six letter word.

(Hint: Why would it be important to remember Spencer’s title? What does that title begin with? What would change if we wrote Spencer instead?)

Oddpawn Level 26 XXVI- ZZZzzzzz

If you type the name of the food, the egg says “Looks delicious right?” No hints to be found.

Be patient, and wait for two minutes and thirty eight seconds.

Notice the level image is a gif. Something is going to change. Just wait!

(This did not work in Chrome for me, but it worked in IE!)

The answer will flash on your screen.

Oddpawn Level 27 XXVII- In

Determine what countries these flags belong to. Since some of the flags and countries no longer exist, you might have to do a little research to make sure you have exactly the right ones.

If you type in the official language they have in common, you’ll get an egg that said “nothing to do with the answer.”

When you do have the right ones, you’ll know because the first letters of each country form a clue.

Hint: Word in other language = English word

Type the other language in the answer box. You’ll get a picture with more flags.

I took the first letters of each of these flags to form a word. I got an egg that said “no no you won’t find anything here…FIRST letters means nothing now. Find another connection here!!”

Figure out what these five countries have in common. It’s easy to figure out with Google.

Hint: Region

Oddpawn Level 28 XXVIII- FAT joe- lean BACK

Use the hint in the title to find a singer.

Hint: joe-lean sounds like Jolene. Who sang Jolene?

View the see…food clue. Type seafood in, get another clue. Do the opposite of what we did with Dolly Parton.

Figure out the card game, and how it connects to Dolly.

Dolly Parton is a poker hand nickname for having a 9 and 5.

Remember the seafood photo? I see crabs. Let’s do the opposite of what we did with Dolly Parton.

Figure out another poker hand nickname that has something to do with crabs. You’re looking for something similar to the source clue.

What are the two cards involved in that hand? That’s your answer, no spaces.

Oddpawn Level 29 XXIX- 0123456789

The source hint tells us it has nothing to do with numbers.

What’s never odd or even? If you try zero, you’ll get an egg.

Something is weird about the phrase “never odd or even.” What is it?

Hint: It has to do with the spelling. Remember the Panama one? Read it backwards. There’s a name for these.

Oddpawn Level 30 XXX- Thin red ____

Thin red what? Line. Egg: YOU have to draw the line!

Determine the city where each landmark is.

The coffee shop one is hard, because you have to look in the background of the photo for more info. See the word Paradise?

When you have five cities, “draw the line”.

Hint: Connect them on a map. What shape do you get?

That shape is the answer.

Huge hint, highlight below:

It’s not a pentagon. What else has five points?

Oddpawn Level 31 XXXI- 37.49

Get the coordinates from the title bar and heading.

As we know from previous levels, coordinates are made up of degrees, minutes and seconds. We have the first two numbers of each coordinate, but where’s the rest?

View the source. Put the coordinates together. You might have to play around with it before you discover anything.

When you get the location, find out who lived there. The egg asks for his nickname. Google if you don’t know.

Hint: A well known criminal. Google will tell you right away.

Hint 2: 37 degrees, 49 minutes, 32.27 seconds N should be your latitude format. You can figure out the longitude from here.

Oddpawn Level 32 XXXII- A…B…C…1…2…3

Do you know what we don’t like?

Crack the code. Remember the cipher we used awhile back?

Use this site. Type the encrypted letters in and have the cipher guess what the key is. It’ll guess 25 and decode the first word.

Use the clue “do you know what we don’t like?” to determine what the second and third words SHOULD be. How can we get those results? Find the second and third number keys.

You’ll notice a very easy pattern- you’ll know what number key to use for the last word, and the decrypted word is your answer.

Oddpawn Level 33 XXXIII- Five

Answer the first question- what rhymes with orange?

Answer the second question. Hint: It’s the most common word in the English language.

Answer the third question. Google will help you. Hint: It’s a new word suggestion.

Answer the fourth question. This is easy with Google.

Answer the fifth question. Hint: I tried multiple different spellings, but realized that if I spell it this way, wouldn’t my mother spell it the same way?

Do what the instructions tell you.

Take the first two (letters) of each answer. So take the “no” from nothing, and so on. You should have ten letters.

Remove the letters of the word they say not to use. There are five letters in that word, so you will be left with a five letter word. There are two Ds, only remove one.

Anagram the remaining five letters for your answer.

Oddpawn Level- Checkpoint

This seems like a good place to stop and continue in a new post!

Note the Wild Hindu clue.

Type im ready for more to move on!


  1. Hi Rose! Stuck on 27 – I have tried a bunch of stuff…
    I have all the countries, got the egg, but no luck in getting the second pic of flags. I have tried various combinations of old and new names for the first two countries, but nothing…. aaaargh.

    I’d really appreciate any pointers.


    • Take the first letter of each flag. For example, the first flag belongs to Sudan, so take the S.

      Each letter spells out a message. Hint: Word in other language = English word

      Type in the other language. Then you will see the second set of flags.

    • So you’ve already converted the binary, gotten P.A, and figured out who lives there. So for the marks, the numbers are 1, 3, 16 and 26. Google those and find out the significance. From there, figure out where you would see those four people. The landmark is the answer.


      This is a US landmark and it contains four faces. The 1st, the 3rd, the 16th and the 26th.

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