Tim Tang Test Traditional Levels 1-10 | Hints & Walkthrough

Tim Tang Test Traditional

Tim Tang Test– The Longest and Hardest Online Puzzle in the World!

Are you ready? Click on the Tim Tang Test link above, then select “Traditional Levels” (or just click on the start button) to start!

First you’ll need to register, so you can log in and the website saves your progress. Click on “Continue to TTT”, agree to the Rules & Regulations, and let’s go!

(TTT is a spoiler-free game. Out of respect to the creators and fellow players, I will not be posting answers, just hints that will get you there. If you are stuck and need more help, just comment and I will help you!)

Tim Tang Test Traditional Level 1- Egg-tra Egg-citement

Missing Combination?

All combinations of 1, 2 and 3 appear except for one. The missing combination is the password.

Tim Tang Test Traditional Level 2- Magical Mirror

Numbers or Not Numbers?

They’re not numbers, they’re letters. Use the mirror hint and read it backwards. That word is the password.

Tim Tang Test Traditional Level 3- Perfect PATTERN

It’s easy as one, two, three!

T is the 20th letter of the alphabet. Add the numbers for I and M to it.

Add up the numbers for T, A, N, G. Both Tim and Tang add up to the same number. The number is the password.

Tim Tang Test Traditional Level 4- Radio Rumble

“First, then four later, then four later, then six later, then six later … six later and it’s the first again!”

The percentages are on the tree, leaf, and radio.

The first letter of the alphabet is A, then four later is E. Four later is I, six later is O, and six later is U. Then six later, and it’s back to A again.

We’re dealing with vowels. What could the percentages mean?

The percentage of vowels in the words! 50% of the letters in “tree” are vowels, 50% in “leaf”, and 60% in “radio”.

The box to the lower right tells us that our answer is made up of 100% vowels.

If you type “vowels” in the answer box, it says “Very good! Now apply it to the picture.”

The song playing in the background is in French.

The smiley face in the answer box is nodding “yes”.

Use these clues to get your answer.

Tim Tang Test Traditional Level 5- Rocket Rush

“Blast Off!”

We see a rocket and the letters ???SSFFTTO.

What words would you say before you blast off? You’d count backwards from ten.

Figure out how you can apply that to the ???.

Hint: First letters.

Tim Tang Test Traditional Level 6- Listen!

Listen to the notes playing. There are seven of them. Figure out what they are, and use them to create a word. That word is your answer.

Tim Tang Test Traditional Level 7- I’m Organic!

Mushrooms- 94085

Peppers- 94065

Grapes- 94022

Carrots- ?

If you don’t know what these codes are called, just Google five digit codes for produce, food, grocery stores, etc.

Figure out what they are called, and what the code for carrots is. There will be more than one type of carrots listed. Use the clue “I’m all bunched up!” to figure out which one to use.

Tim Tang Test Traditional Level 8- Name that Celebrity

Use an anagram generator. Figure out what the theme is.

Take the name of 6 and use the generator (this one includes celebrities, not all of them do) and add the letters in “but i’m a jerk” to it.

The name of the celebrity is your answer. No spaces!

Tim Tang Test Traditional Level 9- Missing Vowel x 5

We know our answer will be a vowel, 5 times in a row.

How can we use all these numbers to determine which letter we are looking for?

Think of the number words. For example, 36 would be thirty-six.

Which letter is missing from all of these numbers? (Remember, it’s a vowel.)

That vowel, five times in a row, is your answer.

Tim Tang Test Traditional Level 10- “LEVEL” 10

What do the things you see and hear have in common? (Except for the diamond and the Honda logo)

Radar, Kayak, Race car, Bob, Level, ABBA (background band) and SOS (background song)?

They are palindromes.

Look at the Honda symbol with the question mark. We are looking for a car that has a palindrome name.

Hint: Honda makes it.

See you again for levels 11-20! Let me know if this was helpful! If you follow my Twitter account @rose_escapes, I tell you when new posts are up!

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