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tim tang traditional

Last time we worked on Tim Tang Traditional Levels 1-10. Welcome to the Diamond Levels!

Tim Tang Traditional Level 11- It’s in the source…

Part One: Look at the source code. In Chrome, you can access it with Ctrl+U.

See the green text? Do the math. You will get the number 231953. Put that in the answer box.

Part Two: Something is strange about this “wrong answer?” page. Remember the source clue, and that there are TWO parts.

This time, you’ll view the source of this “wrong answer?” page.

I’m using Chrome, and when I opened the source, it asked me to reload the page, to confirm form resubmission. Once I did that, it showed me my source code with the answer.

Then, you can click to return to the level page, and put the answer in.

Tim Tang Traditional Level 12- Math Symbol!

Use the arrows to figure out what symbol is missing from the two clues, Yahoo and Jeopardy.

Figure out what this symbol means in terms of math.

Tim Tang Traditional Level 13- I’m scared, I’m scared!

Look at the source. Something’s not there…why not?

Look at the photo. What’s not there?

Hint: This is shown in every other level photo.

Another Hint: It is missing from the upper left corner.

I’m scared, I’m scared! What is the word for being scared of this missing thing?

That word is your answer. Make sure you spell it right!

To Be Continued as I work on this more. 

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